trial lesson

You want to start with driving lessons soon? This is the next step!

We will make an appointment with you for a trial lesson. During the trial lesson we observe your entry level. How do we do this? We practice the basic skills such as steering, accelerating, braking and shifting. We always start in a quiet environment so that we do not disturb anyone or get disturbed. This way we also ensure that the tension is less. Of course we also try to drive on the normal roads with traffic. But we like to take it step by step, especially when the student is not experienced.

Do you suffer from tension or are you afraid of failure?

The area where we do the trial lesson is therefore always in a quiet area. you are in good hands with our experienced and also fear of failure-trained instructors. Are you someone with lots of experience, then we will start on the normal road right away. After the trial lesson we will discuss with you how to continue the process and we like to hear what you prefer ofcourse. You will also receive expert advice from one of our experienced instructors

More information?

The price of a trial lesson is € 50(including vat). Would you like have more information about the trial lesson or about our driving lessons in general? Please contact us by mail (, via our telephone number (085 1303817 or 06 52476542) or fill in the contact form so that we can call you back. See you soon at Dutch Driving!


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