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Driving school package :
The General Terms and Conditions belonging to the lesson agreement of Autorijschool Dutch Driving
apply to this agreement.

These general terms and conditions represent the general provisions for providing category B driver
training, the associated actions of the driving school and the CBR/BNOR practical exams. They apply
to the driving school stated in the lesson agreement, hereinafter referred to as Driving School Dutch
In the lesson agreement, further details are given of what the registered student and Dutch Driving
agree upon. In this, the student makes a choice for a course, whether or not in the form of a package
or separate lessons.
ARTICLE 1 Obligations Dutch Driving
1.1 The student receives practical lessons from an instructor who meets the requirements of the
Motor Vehicle Driving Education Act
The instructor is in possession of a valid ‘instructor certificate’.
1.2 The student receives periodic information about his/her progress and progress in relation to the
exam requirements.
The driving test will be reserved by the driving school within two weeks after you have paid the exam
fee. 1.4
In principle, the student takes the driving test in the car in which the driving lessons were given.
However, in case of force majeure, it may happen that the student takes the exam in a replacement
The duration of the driving lesson to be given, namely 50 minutes, is fully used for giving driving
lessons. The debriefing is part of the driving lesson.
Driving school Dutch Driving has taken out good company insurance in case something happens for
which it is liable to you.
If the lessons cannot take place due to illness of the instructor or an accident, weather and/or traffic
conditions, the student will be informed as soon as possible and a new appointment will be made or
a replacement instructor will be used. In such a case, the student cannot claim any refund and/or
ARTICLE 2 Obligations of the pupil
You must be 16.5 years old to take lessons. In addition, the student must always have proof of
identity with him during the lessons.
The student ensures to be ready for the driving lesson on time and on the agreed date and place. If
the student is a little late, the instructor will always wait 15 minutes at the agreed place. If you are
not there yet, Driving School Dutch Driving has the right to charge for the lesson.
The student may cancel or reschedule a driving lesson. This is possible up to 24 hours before the
driving lesson. After that, Dutch Driving has the right to charge the lesson in connection with the
reserved time.
During an examination of driving skills (theory exam, interim test or other partial test and driving
test), the student must submit a valid proof of identity and, if required, a valid theory certificate.
The student truthfully provides all necessary information about his/her medical and/or psychological
condition, medication, alcohol and/or drug use to driving school Dutch Driving.
If the student conceals something from what is stated in 2.5, Driving School Dutch Driving has the
right to terminate the lessons (lesson agreement) immediately without any refund of tuition fees.
In the event of damage caused as a result of the situations referred to in 2.5, driving school Dutch
Driving has the right to recover this from the student.
As soon as there is a question of denial of the authority to drive motor vehicles, the student must
immediately report this to driving school Dutch Driving. If the student fails to mention this, the
Driving School can NOT be held liable and proceed to terminate the lesson agreement without
ARTICLE 3 Terms and conditions of payment
Payment of individual lessons is only possible in cash with the instructor and must be paid at the
beginning of each lesson.
For part payments for lesson packages, half of the package must be paid no later than one week
before the start of the first lesson. The other part must be paid when half of the lesson package is
completed. With the exception of amounts higher than € 2000. This amount can also be paid in three
installments. The first part must be paid no later than one week before the start of the first lesson.
The second part must be paid when one third of the lesson package is completed. The last part must
be paid when two thirds of the lesson package is completed.
3.2.1 The practical exam is requested after full payment of your package!
If the student does not pay, the driving school will call in a collection agency. The additional costs are
for the student.
ARTICLE 4 Driving exams
If the student does not appear or is late for the exam due to causes attributable to the student
regardless of the cause, the student must bear the costs of a new application. The exam is cancelled.
If the driving test is canceled due to bad weather, for example due to ice or snow, the student does
not have to pay for the new test himself.
4.3 Exam guarantee is one-off. So if the candidate fails, we pay for the 2nd exam. You do pay for car
use for applying for the 2nd exam. If you do not pass the 2nd exam either, you will pay the full exam
fee as stated on our website for the relevant category each time.
4.3.1 Exam guarantee expires when the candidate does not follow the advice of the instructor. The
candidate must therefore pay the 2nd exam in full.
ARTICLE 5 Termination of agreements
Autorijschool Dutch Driving has the right to dissolve all forms of agreements if:
1. Driving school Dutch Driving has a strong suspicion that the student has deliberately not
provided any or incorrect information to driving school Dutch Driving (see Article 2.5).
2. Driving school Dutch Driving strongly suspects that the student deliberately does not
cooperate in the progress of the lessons.
If the agreement has been entered into for a lesson package, the student can only terminate it for
such urgent reasons that he cannot reasonably be expected to continue it. Examples: In case of
illness and injuries that have a recovery time of more than one year. Your package will then be frozen
for a year. If an amount has been paid in advance, the driving school will refund the amount due less
the driving lessons already enjoyed by him/her and 25% cancellation costs on the entire package
amount and administration costs. If you have not used all your lessons because this was not
necessary, you will receive a refund. This happens within 21 working days after obtaining your driving
ARTICLE 6 Additional agreements
Driving school Dutch Driving can make additional agreements with the student if necessary. These
will then be laid down in a lesson agreement.
However, these terms and conditions will apply to all our agreements.
ARTICLE 7 Applicable law and competent court
Dutch law applies to this agreement.
All disputes that arise between the parties with regard to the present agreement and its
implementation will be submitted exclusively to the competent court of the location of the driving
The undersigned hereby declares to have read this lesson agreement with the general terms
and conditions and herewith to agree.
If you are under the age of 18, this agreement must be signed by a (foster) parent, guardian
or authorized carer. A copy of the proof of identity of the (foster) parent, guardian or
authorized signatory must also be submitted caretaker to be provided to the driving school.
Signature of (foster) parent, guardian or authorized carer:
Driving school Dutch Driving
Wateringweg 139
2031 EC Haarlem
Chamber of Commerce 76911470

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Terms of agreement Dutch driving

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