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Enjoyable driving again with the refresher course

Driving should be fun and enjoyable for everyone. However, do you notice that you do not enjoy getting into the car, or that you prefer not to take the car at all because you feel insecure in traffic? What is the reason behind this? Has it been a long time since you’ve been behind the wheel? Do you hardly know the new traffic rules? Then the refresher course for driving from Autorijschool Dutch Driving is the solution. The course consists of six driving lessons and the book ‘the new driving’. The driving lessons are tailored to your personal wishes. During the refresher course you work on your self-confidence and you get the car completely under control again. Together with an experienced and skilled driving instructor from Dutch Driving, you determine the content of the driving lessons. You can indicate which traffic situations you find difficult and would like to practice extra. After following the refresher course for driving, you will be back on the road with pleasure and full of confidence! Take a look at the video below from Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) why people take a refresher course.

How good is your knowledge about the current traffic rules? Join vvn’s test for motorists to test your knowledge.

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for whom is the refresher course

for motorists who:

  • Haven’t driven in a while
  • Don’t dare go on the highway
  • Having trouble parking
  • Having trouble with traffic rules/signs
  • Don’t drive a shift car often
  • Don’t drive a vending machine often
  • Supervisors of a 2toDrive youngster

Is there another reason you’re insecure in traffic? Don’t worry, everything is negotiable and Dutch driving offers a suitable solution for everyone. Contact us, we are ready to help you!

refresher course package


6 rijlessen afgestemd op jouw behoeften

Speciaal afgestemde opfriscursus instructiekaart

kosten: € 330 (incl. btw)

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