Motorcycle license

Motorcycle license

Are you concidering taking motorcycle lessons in the short run? If so, we would recommend you to read the following! In the Netherlands there are 3 categorie’s of motorcycle licenses, namely A1 , A2 and A. The steps for applying a mortorcycle license are:

  1. Attend an online theory course
  2. Apply for the CBR Theory test
  3. Take a motorcycle course
  4. Apply for the motorcycle license

For the motorcycle theory test we recommend you to study the on-line theory training and testing tool TrafficTrainer, which has been designed specifically for the motorcycle theory test! Please note that there are no study books for the motorcycle theory tests in English, nor are there any English learning media like DVD’s for this test.

Motorcycle entitlements by age

Category A1

From age 18 to 19 you can only take the test on:

  1. a light motorcycle (with maximum 125 cc, maximum power output of 11 kW, less than 0.1 kW per kg)
  2. a fully electric motorcycle (with maximum power output of 11 kW, less than 0.1 kW per kg)
  3. a motorised tricycles (with maximum power output of 15 kW)

Category A2

From age of 20 to 23, you can take the test on a medium power motorcycle (with maximum power output of 35 kW, less than 0.2 kW per kg) and not developed from a vehicle with more than double the mentioned power.

Category A

A full category A motorcycle entitlement, for motorcycles with an unlimited power output of more than 50 kW and motorised tricycles, can be obtained through:

  1. direct access as from 24 of age
  2. progressive access as of 22 years of age, provided the A2 licence having held for at least 2 years,  you can take for the category A license additional test on a motorcycle with a minimum power output of 50 kW .

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Motorcycle course at Dutch Driving

Would you like to take motorcycle lessons in your area? Then register at the Dutch Driving Driving School. We find personal attention from the instructor to the student very important and attach great importance to creating a good relationship between the student and the instructor. That´s one of the reasons to start taking lessons at Dutch Driving. With a wide range of driving instructors throughout the Netherlands, it is possible to start quickly with driving lessons in your area. Do you want to know if we also pick you up in your hometown? Check our contact page and click on the branch near you. Book a motorcyle lesson package online with an attractive discount, or book a trial lesson.

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For an intensive course add €199 on top of the package price

( intensive course means: we book your 2 practical tests within 3 months)


CBR Tests

Theory testvia CBR€120 ex interpreter
AVB riding testvia CBR€225
AVD riding testvia CBR€295

Individual product prices

Trial lesson120 minutes€50
Individual driving lesson60 minuten€65
Theory packageBook and online training€120
Our Terms and Conditions are applicable to all lessons and offers. Prices are subject to changes and include 21% VAT.

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