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Do you feel extremely nervous, do you fear losing control or are you completely blocked by the thought of driving lessons and or a driving test? You are not alone! Performance anxiety is very common and we can help you with special performance anxiety training. We are trained and certified for this so that you will be taught in a safe and familiar environment and have control.

dyslexia training

Learning to drive and eventually get your driving license with dyslexia is possible with special guidance. If you have dyslexia, you have trouble reading the words correctly and quickly and at the same time understand them. It can be very difficult for you to automate and execute skills automatically. We specialize in this and we provide extra guidance to complete your driver training and help you with getting the driving license. Driving school Dutch Driving offers extra guidance in learning theory for people with dyslexia. You will receive extra lessons in traffic rules and signs in general. Each course ends with a mock exam to test what you have learned. Especially for people with dyslexia or other obstacles, it may be wise to use this kind of guidance.

The theory lesson of driving school Dutch Driving greatly increases your chance of success. Under the special guidance of our calm and patient instructors, we ensure that you can still get your driving license. We help all students through it! Sign up and let us help you.

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