Your Driving Theory in 2 days

With our unique teaching method, we ensure that you get your Dutch driving theory in 2 days! Our class starts in the morning and finishes after 7-8 hours intensive training. Of course we have breaks in  between to get something to eat and stretch your legs. During the course we will practice everything what´s inside the book and we have test exams with the same kind of questions like on the exam. We will provide the snacks and tea and coffee. The theory exam will be the morning after the course. The theorycourse is mostly on Sunday and the test on Monday. For actual dates check here.

Do you need to practice before the course?

We will give you some homework when you register. The most important part is to focus during the course. It is very important to participate because the interaction between student and teacher will make you develop very fast. At the course you will receive the examcode and all the information you need to know.

Book the theory exam

We have 2 options for booking the theory exam. 1 thing is very important , Always book the theory exam soon after the course. Our advice is to do it the day after. If we have to book it for you , you need to authorize us on (You need your digi-d code for this and you need to fill in the driving school number here. inform to get the code. If you want to book the theory exam yourself use the link above as well but book the exam then. In that case you dont authorize us. If you dont have a digid code please click this link and get one


100% Success Guarantee

You will receive the theory of experienced and expert lecturers at Dutch Driving. Success is a guarantee with our unique training method thanks to our experienced and patient teachers. When you book your Theory Test you should say if you’ve got special needs. In many cases, special arrangements can be made to help you during the test (extra time during the test). If you have dyslexia this course is perfect for you. Our passing rate for people with dyslexia is the highest in the country. Our teachers are specialised in helping students with dyslexia and performance anxiety. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. You can also book your theory exam yourself. We always advice you to book the test the day after the course.

Where do we offer Theory Classes?

We offer theory classes in different cities:




Our locations are always near the CBR (examination institute). Snacks and drinks are included 😉

Course with favorable rates

Dutch Driving thinks it is important that following a theory course should be possible for everyone, which is why we have set up very favorable rates. We are happy telling you about our Dutch driving theory school and lessons. More preferably, we let the real pupils speak: our successful students! Sign up now and let us help you to get all the information you need  for the theory test and offcourse to translate everything on the road for your driving classes. See you soon! (YOUR ID NEEDS TO BE VALID AND YOU NEED TO TAKE IT ALONG

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