Dutch Driving lessons in Hoofddorp

Dutch Driving lessons in Hoofddorp

If you want to obtain a Dutch driving license it is a mandatory to follow driving classes at an acknowledged driving school. At Dutch Driving Hoofddorp we provide the driving classes and theory classes in English. It is not a mandatory to finish the theory part first, but our advice is to finish the theory as soon as possible. Most students start the driving course and finish the theory within 1 month. We can arrange the theoretical part for you as well.

How do i start is your next question?

Normally we start with the trial class. During the trial class we practice the basics or when you’re experienced we check how you´re driving and what you need to improve. After the trial we will give you an indication of how much classes you will be needing to be ready for the test. Now we can start setting up everything for you. We will send you all the details of your package and the logon details of our online platform. Here you can see your development and you can also make a request for driving classes. Off course you can also plan driving classes with your instructor. We like to plan in advance and thats also what we advice you to do.


The payment for your course is Always before starting the classes. It is possible to pay in installments but there are a few benefits when you pay at once. If you prefer to pay in installments then it works like this : First installment before 1st class and the second one before half of the course. Booking the practical test happends when your package is fully paid. We will send you the invoice with all details included, before starting the course.
Here at Driving school Dutch Driving we have a lot of students who already have the Dutch Drivers license but still want to get familair with the road and rules. We have a special course with all parts of driving included. We understand the difficulties with driving right and all the cyclists. These are all parts what we practice well until you feel secure enough to do it on your own. To give you a proper advice it is best to start with the trial class.

Benefits of Driving School DUTCH DRIVING

High Passing Rate
Free trial class Flexible driving hours (no extra charges in the evening and weekends)
Payment in installments possible
Acknowledged Driving School
Certified Staff by I.B.K.I
Patient instructors
Certified Driving instructors to guide students with fear or failure
Special programme for expats with license
We have instructors working all over The Netherlands (ask for info)
Extra Information for expats : https://www.iamexpat.nl/expat-info/official-issues/driving-licence-netherlands

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