Get your Dutch Drivers License in Amstelveen!

You are new here and want to get the Dutch drivers license in Leiden? What should you know?

New expats can continue to use their foreign drivers licence for a certain period after they arrive in the Netherlands. The length of licence validity can vary greatly – mostly it expires within 6 months. After this you need to do the theorytest and after that the practical. The most people follow a theorycourse with a theorytest after 1 or 2 days. At our company it is possible to do the theory and practical courses in english. The test will be in english as well If you prefer. We provide these courses in several cities through the Netherlands. For the practical course we normally start with a trial lesson. During the trial lesson we will practise the basics and after that we will give you some advice about the following course. You can start with the theory and practical at the same time. It is not obligated to do the theory first. But we always advice to finish the theory as soon as possible.

You can also exchange your drivers licence for a Dutch one if you are eligible for the 30% ruling, regardless your country of origin. In this case, you should submit your 30% ruling statement issued by the belastingdienst (Dutch tax Office) to your municipality.

Where do we provide classes for driving en theory?

Amsterdam – Amstelveen- Haarlem – Alkmaar – Leiden – Den Haag – Rotterdam – Eindhoven. If your location is not on the list do not hesitate to contact us. We might be possible to help you! We provide door to door services 😉

For more information do not hesitate to contact us. Phonenumber : (023) 583 02 38 or mobile : 0652476542 (also whatsapp)

Prices and info :

Info for expats :


Kind regards and see you soon at Driving and Theory school DUTCH DRIVING Leiden

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