driver’s license automatic car

driving license automatic car

Do you want to get your drivers license in a automatic car? At driving school Dutch Driving we can help you to achieve your goal! With our patient and experienced driving instructors we will step by step get you there. The best is to experience it yourself. Book a trial lesson at Dutch Driving! 

What is the automatic driving license?

If you take driving lessons and take the driving test in a automatic car
without (so without clutch pedal), you will receive an automatic driving
license, or driving license B with code 78. This code means that you can
only drive a car with an automatic gearbox with this driving license. Do
you want to switch to a car with manual gearbox? Then you need a full
driving license b. For this you do not have to take a theory exam again,
only a practical exam and driving classes off course.The difference
between driving lessons with an automatic and a manual car is:
the driving lessons in an automatic or manual car are largely the same.
In both cases you will learn the traffic rules, applying the traffic
rules and learn the driving skills. The only difference is that you
don’t learn to switch gear. By not having to do this, you can fully
focus on traffic.

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pros and cons automatic driver’s license


  • Less actions during class.
  • Full concentration on traffic.


  • On the other hand, there is the restriction that you are not allowed to drive a manual car. So with an automatic driving license you can only drive an automatic car.

Why dutch driving

5 reasons to get your automatic license at Dutch Driving:

CBR certified

experienced instructor

no need for waiting

modern car park

review score 9/10


Are you interested about driving lessons in a automatic car? Request for a trial lesson online and get your automatic driver’s license now at Driving School Dutch Driving. Prefer a trial lesson in a manual transmission car? That is also possible off course.

We provide automatical driving classes in: Alkmaar – Beverwijk -Amsterdam – Haarlem – Leiden – The Hague and everything in between. Please inquire with us if you are not sure.

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