Authorize driving school

Application practical or theory exam

Would you like to apply for a practical exam or theory exam?

Then you must authorize your driving school to book the practical exam for you at the CBR. Once you have done that, you and your driving school will receive an email confirming the authorization.

You authorize your driving school at My CBR. So make sure you have the correct CBR driving school number. The driving school registration number of Dutch Driving is: 2410F9.
You must use this number in the application form.

You log in with your DigiD. Never use another person’s DigiD.

Login My CBR with DigiD

No DigiD yet?
Request your DigiD at Are you unable to apply for a DigiD? Then authorize your driving school with the ‘Authorize driving school’ form.

change driving school

If you want to change driving school, you must first withdraw your authorization. Then you can authorize us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

health statement

Before you can start with your exams, it’s obligatory for you to provide a health statement to the CBR. By doing this, we know you are good to go on the road. For this statement you need your DigiD login credentials.

trial lesson?

Start now and apply for a trial lesson.

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