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Driving lessons with ADHD is no problem at Dutch Driving

As a driving instructor, what do you have to take into account when you teach a student with ADHD or autism? Limit your emotions, explain the exercise in a businesslike and neutral way. ” These are one of the things we have learned during the training for certified fear of failure instructor.

For some people it is quite normal that they can take driving lessons and eventually obtain the driving license. For some others, it can be quite a task, due to certain concentration disorder or other circumstances. Think for example of autism, ADD or ADHD. These are complex disorders that used to have no name and were not understood. We know much more about the disorders and their consequences. It has become clear that someone with ADHD can suffer from this in various areas.

What is very important

Be honest with your instructor. Then we can guide you better with your driver training. It is also wise to fill in your health statement online as soon as you start with driving lessons. Sometimes it takes quite some time at the CBR with handling this. If you have to answer one of the questions on the form with yes, you will have to contact a specilaist after Cbr sends you an email.
After approval by an independent medical specialist, a driving test always follows. It is important to do this driving test only after ± 20 teaching hours if you dont have any driving experience.

driving lesson with autism

People with autism have difficulty multitasking, concentrating, recognizing non-verbal communication and unexpected changes, Kan sums up. “Autism is actually a disorder in what you automatically focus your attention on.

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